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  • Save TIME and MONEY! Just imagine how much time you are going to lose and how much money you need to spend on the way to your language school, online lessons actually helps you save this unnecessary expenditure!
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Super Lily

A master degree qualified with teaching Chinese as a second language. I have more than three years teaching experience in large class and I have received much praise for my clear explanations on linguistic nuances. As a professional Chinese teacher, I know what is the responsibility that a teacher should have. My lessons are well prepared and efficient. The most important part of Learning language is to speak it out! So during my lessons, I usually push my students to speak more! The more you speak, the greater progress you make. 

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Available time : weekends


Hi, I am Ling, I can speak both English and French as well as Mandarin. I am experienced in teaching both adults and children, especially beginners. My students find me patient, conscientious and upbeat. I love when students ask me questions during the lessons, and I even love your mistakes, Mistakes tell us what we can focus on. So, no need to be shy! If you are a beginner or if you already have some Mandarin and want to improve your skills, don't hesitate to contact me and book a trial lesson. I will be happy to be your teacher! Talk to you soon!

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Available time :  Sundays to Wednesdays, and Fridays


I want to know your story, but would you tell me ONLY in Chinese? I'm Jack, a native Chinese speaking teacher in Guangzhou, China. I have years experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and I describe myself as a "Teaching Geek" :P My students are from all over the world, aging from 7 to 68 years old. If you want to learn HSK, I can do HSK tutoring for any levels. If you plan to travel around China, I have my traveling course that can help you to survive, and If you wanna learn Chinese characters, I also have my Chinese character course. :p

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Available time :  Mondays to Sundays

What our students say

Lily clearly loves teaching and is fun and knowledgeable. She is always well prepared, gives me homework and is supporting me any time via Wechat.  Lily is patient and understands the difficulties that exist for a foreign language learner. Lily has a lovely personality and is very patient! She is not getting tired to explain me things, which I have forgotten again and again :-D Looking forward to our next lesson.'

- Sven, Germany

Ling is an outstanding teacher. Not only does she help me with my vocabulary and pronunciation, but she helps me practice many different sentences about different subjects so that I can learn the grammar and vocabulary better. In the past many teachers I have had have only used the textbook which is good, but it's so much butter when I can practice using the vocabulary I lear. 5 stars for Ling. 

- Erik, the US

I really enjoyed this lesson with Jack, he did an incredible job incorporating Chinese into every part of the conversation and teaching me those things that I didn't understand with patience and a sincere desire to help. He sought to understand my skill level and gave me much needed feedback on what I can do to improve. I highly recommend trying a lesson with him to see if you have a similar, great experience!

- Alan, the US

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