Best app/website for learning Chinese




For beginners, if you are still in the stage of learning Pinyin, and want to improve your pronunciation, then this app is for you. They provide lessons based on topics and add some gamification elements to them. They’re fun and will help you get a basic understanding of vocabulary and sentence structure.


Most popular social network app in China. It’s not only a chat app, also a useful learning app – you can subscribe numerous official accounts to improve your reading, listening, vocabulary, and grammar – you will also have chances to talk to native Chinese people, make friends, do language exchanges, etc.


Best dictionary, it gives a clear explanation in English and also a variety of examples, some free, some paid. In addition, it can also be used as a flashcard app, translator – powerful app.

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Learning Characters:


Zizzle is an interesting app, it consists varieties of topics such as travel, business, HSK, food, etc. It uses mnemonics to help you remember how characters are formed, their tone and pronunciation. The images and stories are great!


Memrise is a free app that has tons of user-created courses. These can be anything from characters to restaurant items to slang words. It’s sort of a gamified flashcard system that you can use to learn new characters.


If you want to learn Chinese Character in a serious way, then you should not miss this app. It takes you step by step to learn writing Chinese characters in a fun way. It’s convenient to use and works great. The only disadvantage is that the price is not cheap.

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Du Chinese:

It provides different types of articles on the basis of different levels from beginner to advanced. Articles can show with Pinyin or without Pinyin, audios. You can also speed up or slow down the reading speed. It’s a beautifully designed app. Recommended using after pronunciation stage.


Reading Chinese via original comics, it helps a lot on improving your reading skill and on increasing your vocabulary. Each story has English explanations and Chinese audio.

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ChinesePod is a podcast to learn Chinese by using situational dialogues. The podcasts are free, and you can pay a little money for a subscription to access the transcripts of the podcasts. If you want to improve your speaking, this website is for you!

☆Chinese Grammar Wiki:

Chinese Grammar Wiki is a totally comprehensive, free resources website for standard Chinese grammar, organised by part of speech and difficulty level, with clear, practical examples of usage.

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☆My favourite!

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The Chairman’s Bao: 跟DuChinese很像,但是新的内容更常见。 而且他们也有个LearningHub的网站,那里可以复习你的词汇,而且做关于内容(新闻的)的测验。


PLECO, 我也觉得是最好的字典


爱情公寓, 我发现历史的节目有点复杂,而且有点荒谬。 爱情公寓也是有点疯狂的,但是比较容易懂。