Singles Day…? 5 Freak Chinese Festivals You Might Not Know!

1. Singles Day – Nov. 11

Guānggùn jié

One of the 3 Network festivals in China.

Singles Day was first celebrated at various universities in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province during the 1990s. It got the name Singles Day because the date is comprised of four ‘ones’. Singles Day is now a special day for all fashionable youths.

The main way to celebrate Singles Day is to have dinner with your single friends, but it’s important that each person pay their own way to show their independence. Sometimes, people also hold ‘blind date’ parties with a hope to say goodbye to their single lives.

However, just several years ago, this day has been turned into the biggest shopping carnival for all Chinese (Thanks to Alibaba). During that day, almost all retailers on Taobao will join this event, a great number of products will be on sale (the price will be much lower than usual). Chinese people tend to buy all kinds of stuff during that time and save them for later use.


2. Network Valentine’s Day – May 20

Wǎngluò qíngrén jié

One of the 3 Network festivals in China.

The reason why the day of May 20 becomes Network Valentine’s Day is just that the pronunciation of ‘520’ sounds like ‘我爱你’(wǒ ài nǐ) in Chinese, which means ‘I love you’. It originated from a Chinese song called « 数字恋爱 »(shùzì liànài), singing by 范晓萱(Fàn xiǎoxuān), came out in 1998.

During that day, young people tend to show their love or send romantic words to their halves via WeChat, Weibo, QQ, forum, etc. The most famous words on that day are ‘5201314’, which means ‘I love you forever.’ (我爱你一生一世 wǒ ài nǐ yìshēng yíshì).

In order to encourage more young people to show their love bravely on that day, many online retailers will also organize different sale promotion on that day.


3. Diors’ Day – Nov. 14

Diǎosi jié

One of the 3 Network festivals in China.

The history of Dior’s Day actually is younger 3 years than Double 11 festival.
It was first proposed by the host of one Baidu forum in 2012. It immediately causes a strong response and support. By means of the influence of the platform of Baidu forum and also the forum itself (it is the forum of a famous Chinese actor 陆毅(Lùyì)). Dior’s Day, therefore, was born, and it was quickly spread on the Internet, celebrated by the entire population.

What does it mean ‘屌丝(diǎosi)’? 屌丝(diǎosi) is the opposite of those men who are ‘tall, rich and handsome’, which can be used in many situations, such as when you can’t get the girl you want, or you don’t have a social life, etc. Many Chinese would use it to complain about their lives. It reflects the current Chinese social psychology now.

If you want to know more about 屌丝(diǎosi), here is a Chinese TV drama for you: ‘Diors Man


4. Girl’s Day – Mar. 07

Nǚsheng jié

As we all know, March 8th is the International Women’s day. However, the numbers ‘3’ and ‘8’ sound not very good in Chinese if we put them together, which was actually a sort of humiliated colour, and shows disrespect and insult to women. Most Chinese women don’t like being congratulated in this way, especially young girls. Therefore, girl’s Day was born. It was first created by a group of young girls from Shandong University in 1986, those girls were unwilling to give up the unique female festival, and chose the day before Mar. 8th as their own day.



5. Chowhound Day – May 17 / May 27

Chī huò jié

吃货(chīhuò), as the name suggests, it refers to the people who love eating or have a special aspiration for food.

The name of this festival comes from a food documentary called ‘A Bite of China’, produced by CCTV in 2012. Thereafter, 吃货(chīhuò) as a fashionable word was quickly spread and reached its peak in recent years.

Every May 17 and 27 are considered as a Chowhound Day, because ‘517’ sounds like ‘我要吃’ (wǒ yào chī), which means ‘I want to eat’, and ‘527’ sounds like ‘我爱吃’ (wǒ ài chī), which means ‘I love to eat’ in the Chinese language.

Many cities will hold a series of events to celebrate it, and also a lot of online retailers will use that day to promote their products as well.

Rules for Chowhound Day,
– You should eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!
– You should refuse a 屌丝(diǎosi) who is trying to invite you to have a meal.
– You should Not try to lose weight.
– You should Not just watch TV, but leave your mouth idle.
– You should Not just work, but leave your mouth idle.
– …


Which day do you prefer? 🙂


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