A Small Guide to Know Guangzhou

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This is Guangdong Province :


And this is where Guangzhou located :


Before going to Guangzhou, I have a worry, like many of you, I don’t speak Cantonese, so will the people living in Guangzhou can understand me? Actually, nothing need to worry about. Most Cantonese can also speak Mandarin, especially young generations.

As a metropolis, Guangzhou welcomes tens and thousands of emigrants from other provinces each year, those people live and work in Guangzhou, they speak to each other with their own dialect. It is only when they meet someone from other provinces, they have to speak Mandarin (normally with a strong accent). Thus, speaking Cantonese is not necessary.

I have been living in Guangzhou for almost 7 months now, I came here at the end of last September, and went back to my hometown for one month ( because of Chinese New Year). Generally speaking, the weather in Guangzhou can be described with two words: humid + warm.

In winter, the average temperature is around 5-18°c here, and 28-38°c in summer. Actually, it is hot everywhere in China during the summer time. Not like winter, when I came back from Guangzhou to my hometown in January this year (City Jiaxing, located between Shanghai and Hangzhou), the temperature was dropped from 15 to minus 5…


It was snowing in my city.


It is always warm in this city, even though in winter. Sometimes Guangzhou is cold, but just for around one week, then warm back again. So if you don’t like cold, it would be a great idea to live in the south of China. The only problem for me is the humidity.

It is raining so often here in spring. If you look at the weather forecast, you will find for the next whole week, every day has a small wind with a mark of rain bead. And the percentage of humidity is normally over 60%.


This photo I took from my room – also my workplace. It was two days ago, I found the wall had become saturated with rainwater. This morning, when I wake up, the wetted area is still there, no any signs to be gone.

That’s why these days I often have a feeling that I am still in London. Haha  😀


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