Top 10 Funniest Chinglish Signs

Recently, I just found some funny signs in China, some of them I took by myself, some of them are from the Internet. Hope you like the Top 10 Funniest Chinglish Signs.  😆  😆  😆 


Let’s go!!


1/ Hey, you might as well be graceful about it.

What they meant to say: Caution: slippery surface.


2/ Did you fall in love with any pool you swam?

What they meant to say: Don’t get into the pool.


3/ Will you send your kids to this ‘Engish’ school?


4/ Maybe I have learned a fake English

What they meant to say: Long-distance departure area.


5/ Sorry, foreign friends…!


6/ Does it sound scary to you….?  😯

What they meant to say: The forest belongs to us all, it’s your duty to protect it.


7/ Well, maybe I should choose a better posture, right?

What they meant to say: Be careful not to fall into the water.


8/  Are you sure we are at a bank? 


9/ Maybe I enter a fack ‘bugger&chiken’ store…


10/ Right?!?!

What they meant to say: Dried goods.


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