I just knew that we have new four great inventions | 快来看看中国新四大发明

Papermaking, gunpowder, movable type printing, and the compass are considered as the four great inventions of Ancient China. Today, let’s take a look at China’s new four great inventions!


1/ High-Speed Railway

This is one thing that I cannot miss in this article! High-Speed Railway, short for SHR,  is called 「高速铁路」 (gāosù tiělù), or 「高铁」(gāotiě) in Chinese. 「高」 means ‘high’, 「速」 is ‘speed’, 「铁路」 is obviously ‘railway’.  So, why do I mention it? Well, although it is not invented by China, the country is successfully making it faster, better and more far-reaching – it truly makes our traveling much easier than before!

Take myself as an example, it only takes me around 6 hours to arrive to Beijing from Shanghai, and around 7 hours travel from Shanghai to Guangzhou. It is quicker compared to trains, and it is cheaper and more convenient in comparison with taking planes, as its network covers most of its major cities in China.

More than this, during the journey, different local food and specialties are served for travelers. Passengers can also order food before boarding by phone, APPs, or at the train station.


2/ Alipay & Wechat Pay

Wechat Pay

After returning to China, I started to use Wechat and Alipay, and the frequency of using is becoming more and more. After tasting them for almost one year, I have to say: Hey! Which genius invented it! It is so cool! Wherever I go, supermarkets, shopping mall, restaurants, hotels, or even just buy a steamed pork bun on the street, I can pay for it by my phone! 😎

What’s more, I can also pay my utility bills, or top up my phone on Wechat or Alipay. In fact, now everywhere in China takes it, everybody uses Wechat. If you go to the streets and luckily you are accosted by someone else, he/she will NOT ask you for your phone number but your Wechat!

The functions on Wechat have been dramatically improving. Not only purchasing tickets, foods, bills, but some functions on Wechat also allow us making an appointment with doctors, or for marriages registration, etc. In a nutshell, we can almost do everything with it!  😎


3/ Online Shopping

Tmall Shopping Festival
3 delivers from 3 different takeaway companies

Summer is really hot in China, and sometimes, I just don’t want to go outside. So…in this case, I would open my laptop then go to several online shopping websites such as Tmall or Taobao, or some food take-away Apps (e.g. 美团, 饿了吗). Let them help me sort the problems out.

It seems to be internationally recognized that Chinese people love shopping, especially online shopping! Alibaba is the first Chinese online shopping platform created by Jack Ma, and then Taobao, Tmall were born one by one followed by the success of Alibaba!

Actually, online shopping not only changes the way how shopping can be easily done in China but also brings some new ideas about shopping for foreign companies. If I purchase a commodity on Taobao, usually I will receive it within 3 days.



4/ Shared bicycle


Bike sharing is not invented by China, however, we have successfully made it convenient and widely-spread on the planet!

Why we love it? Because it is cheap and easy to use. For example, to unlock a bike, all I need to do is just to download the right App – register – scan a QR code on a shared bike, then Done! It should be noticed that all the necessary processes are completed vias my smartphone! The price for riding 30min costs only 1RMB, and 20RMB for a month package (within 2 hours for each ride).

How convenient is it? For example, before moving to Guangzhou, I have my a bike in my hometown, and I like to ride a bike on Sundays. However, I don’t need to bring my bike to Guangzhou too, as I can use a shared bike to continue riding on Sundays as long as I have the App!

Now, the idea of sharing bikes is significantly developing around the world.

If you can choose one to bring back to your own country, which one would you like to take? 🙂


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