I love these hot drinks, and even cannot live without | 这些热茶真的很暖胃啊

Almost everyone knows that Chinese people love drinking tea and hot water! Especially during winters, having something hot and warm can be a very cozy thing.

But do you know, apart from this, we are also fond of other types of hot drinks!

Taking myself as an example, I usually like adding some real stuff (干货) in my hot water, such as longan, black sugar with ginger and sometimes goji berries.

One of my favorite drinks –  hot water with Goji berries

As the winter in China sometimes could be very severe, especially for the people who are living in the south. Most families don’t use heaters during that time, some of them use air conditioners, but it easily tunes our skin dry. In that case, I would pull myself a cup of hot water, drink it with some ginger slices and brown sugar. It warms my body and won’t make my skin too dry. It has almost become my habit now.

It may sound normal to have some hot drinks in winter. However, maybe you won’t believe, actually, the BEST time of drinking hot water is not in winter, but in SUMMER!

Ginger Hot Drinks with Honey

Yes, that’s right! Drinking hot water during dog days! 

I was surprised when the first time I heard it. It was about 4 years ago, I was just back in China, ready to spend my holidays with my family. Quickly, I found most people here liked doing some traditional Chinese medicine body cares. I was encouraged by my mum, went to a small body care shop. I did some smoked moxibustion (熏艾灸). When it was finished, the girl working there told me that from now on I should not drink or eat any cold things.

I was shocked and asked her why?

She said: “ because it’s 三伏天(sān fú tiān) now.”

Rose with hot water

三伏天(sān fú tiān), it refers to the hottest periods of summer during a year (from mid-July to mid-August). During that time, the pores of our whole body are in the open state, drinking hot water could easily help to drive out the cold from our body. On the contrary, if we have too many cold things, the cold can remain in our body (according to traditional Chinese medicine), and hard to drive it out, and it could be easy to get sick in winter.

It sounds reasonable to me, drinking hot things in summer seem to bring us more benefits than its inconveniences. To see 5 other advantages of drinking hot water, please click ‘Why do Chinese People Always Drink Hot Water’. But sometimes I am still struggling between ice creams and hot flower teas!

Now, it is still particularly popular among those who are fond of health cultivation (养生).

List of 10 common ingredients that Chinese people love to put into their hot water: 

  • 枸杞 Goji berries
  • 当归 Chinese angelica
  • 人参 Ginseng
  • 红糖 Brown sugar
  • 生姜 Ginger
  • 山楂 Hawthorn
  • 龙眼 Longan
  • 红枣片 Dry jujubes
  • 黄芪 Astragalus roots
  • 玫瑰 Rose

Would you like to have a cup of hot water now? 🙂

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