Hot water, a cure for all disease in China?

In Russia, many people truly believe that Chinese love to drink tea, However… after I came here, to my surprise, everyone prefers to drink hot water instead, even in summer.


The first question that came up to my head was “Why do they do so?”. The reason for this habit is very simple. From childhood, they have been taught to not drink tap water, but drink hot water instead.


Chinese parents like to buy small thermoses for their children, so they can have some hot water any time, so it’s very understandable why everyone likes to drink how water.



Chinese also believe that hot water is very good for health, and a cure-all from the common cold to cholera. For example, if you have a fever, the first recommendation will be “have a rest and drink some hot water”.


“Always drink some hot water. It’s very good for your health. – This is how Chinese people explain their unusual habit.”



Chinese also believe that food should always be warm and well cooked. Chinese doctors recommend not to eat uncooked food, especially if you are in your 40s or older. According to their thinking, it helps to improve your digestion system.


Another reason why Chinese prefer to drink hot water might be because tap water is not very clean in China, so boiling water kill all bacteria and viruses. For example,  In 17 and 18 centuries it was the only way to protect yourself from unwanted diseases.


Finally, Chineses philosophy is very simple: If you are sick, feel unwell, or just tired, drink some hot water.

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I want those vegetables in the frying pan! yeah, those bamboo shoots, water-chestnuts, mushrooms, asparagus tips, red chilis, garlic mixed in oil, and some chicken parts too! I will need some Tsingtao pi jiu also . . .


Yes 🙂 hěn hǎo chi !