Hard to believe, I failed to make sweet rice dumplings again…!


I know the lantern festival is already over, but as a southerner, I am really keen on all kinds of products made from glutinous rice.  😀

These sweet rice dumplings for instance.

Black sesame balls are called ‘汤圆tāngyuán‘ in Chinese Mandarin, it is usually served as a traditional dish during the Lantern Festival(元宵节yuánxiāo jié), which is celebrated on the 15th of January in Lunar Chinese Calendar(农历nónglì). The lantern festival marks the end of the Chinese Spring Festival. 

It can be also served as a dessert on most Chinese banquets.

Black sesame paste: 

In this recipe, I used around 80 grams of black sesame seeds, and also 80 grams of caster sugar, the amount of sugar should be equal to that of the sesame. I also added 30 grams of walnuts to enrich the flavor, you can also add any other nuts, but this is optional. Then mixed them with 60 grams of softened pork fat, here you can also use butter instead.

Tips: In order to make a tasty paste, except for black sesame seeds, we also need sugar, pork fat(you can also use butter instead), and nuts(optional). 

My mistake: I forgot to heat the sesame seeds, I thought our local supermarkets sell cooked sesame seeds… That’s why it didn’t smell so good while I was making the paste because they were still raw…lol. So, remember!!! We have to use roasted sesame seeds to make the paste, otherwise, your dumplings will taste like mantou…!

Since the paste is a bit liquid, I found a food preservation bag to store it. The size of the bag depends on the amount of the past you have, but it is okay if the bag is a bit large.

After filling the cup full, seal the bag tightly, then place it in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. In this way, it will be much easier to make rice dumplings.

Glutinous flour dough: 

I prepared 250 grams of glutinous flour, then poured 110ml of warm water and 70ml of cold water. But I found it to be a bit dry at the end, and it is still difficult to shape it.

So my tip is: just use hot water to knead the dough, otherwise, the dough is not sticky at all.

I am sure you don’t want to repeat this mistake 😀

It was the first time that I was kneading the dough with cold water, I cannot even make the dough stick together. lol


The technique to make dumplings: 

Use your thumb and index finger to roll the dough and use another thumb to press on the paste so that your dumpling can be white and clean.

Why I said I failed to make these dumplings…

The dough should be very thin, but the mine was very thick.

Boiling dumplings:

Boil up a pot of hot water, add some dumplings in the pot. Wait until the water is boiling for the first time, add one glass of cold water (around 150ml), then continue cooking. Wait until the water is boiling for the second time, add another glass of cold water, continue cooking. The dumplings will be ready when the water is boiling for the third time.

Another way to check if the dumplings are well cooked: just see if all the dumplings are floating up, if so, then they are ready.

I added some goji berries to make my dumpling soup tasty. If you like sweet, you can also add some sugar or sweet fermented rice. hehe~

I was expecting that after one bite, the hot melted black sesame paste would be flowing out. However, for my dumplings, nothing happened.

Let’s compare!

Other people’s dumplings:


My dumplings:


Anyway, 最后还是装一下b好了。。。

Serves 3-4 people


Roasted black sesame seeds: 80g
Caster sugar/brown sugar: 80g
Melted pork fat/butter: 60g
Nuts: 30g
Glutinous flour: 250g
Hot water:180-190ml

Sorry for any awkward expressions, I will make it better soon!

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Ling, I don’t think you failed in any way! these are a fairly complicated thing to make, and your efforts look to be quite tasty.