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The 把(bǎ) Sentence

First, let me explain to you what is a Ba-sentence? As we all know, a basic sentence in Mandarin is formed like Subject + Verb + Object, same as in English. However, in a Ba-sentence, the object is placed before the verb. So, why we need to learn this structure: because in Chinese sometimes we …

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以后 vs 后来

Are they same?    Let’s first look at some examples:   1. 以后不许再提这件事。     Yǐ hòu bú xǔ zài tí zhè jiàn shì     Don’t mention that matter again   2. 1990年以后我就来上海工作了。     1990 nián yǐhòu wǒ jiù lái Shànghǎi gōngzuò le      After 1990, I came to Shanghai for work. …

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