Eight cuisines in China – part 1

  There is a large number of different dishes in Chinese cuisine. They are distinguished by its flavor, color, taste, cooking techniques, the choice for ingredients, etc. Today, we are going to see the 4 of the 8 most influential and crucial cuisines in China!     鲁菜 lǔ cài – Shangdong Cuisine Shandong cuisine …

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The Story of Biáng

This can be seen as the hardest Chinese characters so far! There are 52 strokes in total in this simplified Chinese character, and 62 in the traditional one. It contains 5 simple characters (「马」horse, 「月」moon, 「长」long, 「心」heart and 「言」word), and also 4 radicals such as 「刂」 knife, 「穴」 cave…In fact, biang cannot be found in …

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