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I’m offering 1-1 Mandarin lessons through Skype or Wechat for all levels, especially for beginners. My courses are mainly focusing on pronunciation(Pinyin), speaking skills, as well as HSK preparation.


Choosing Your Plan

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Chinese Introductory Course / Travel in Chinese

1 Lessons$9$12$15
5 Lessons$45$60$75
10 Lessons$90$120$150
* For (complete) beginners or upper beginners who want a short course for learning Chinese.
* For the purpose of travelling in China or be able to hold a basic conversation with native speakers.
* Textbooks will be provided:
"New Practical Chinese Reader" Level1 available in English and French
-Workbook of New Practical Chinese Reader level1 (English)
"New Practical Chinese Reader" Level2 (only in English)
"Experiencing Chinese' Living in China (English / French)
"Experiencing Chinese' Travelling in China (English / French)



Mandarin Informal Tutoring (Speaking course)

 30 min45 min60 min
1 Lesson$9$12$15
5 Lessons$45$60$75
10 Lessons$90$120$150
* The goal of this course is to maintain, improve or perfect your Chinese speaking skills and pronunciation.
* Studying materials will be provided if necessary, but you can also prepare your own textbooks or questions.
* " Developing Chinese ' Elementary Speaking Course 2 (English)
* " Developing Chinese ' Intermediate Speaking Course 1 (English)
* " Developing Chinese ' Intermediate Speaking Course 2 (English)



HSK1&2 Preparations

 60 min90 min120 min
1 Lesson$15$21$27
5 Lessons$75$105$135
10 Lessons$150$210$270
*Book now, you will get a 3% discount for a package of 5 lessons and a 5% discount for a package of 10 lessons.
*Studying material will be provided: HSK1&2 Standard Course + MP3



HSK3&4 Preparations

Duration60 min90 min120 min
1 Lesson$18$24$30
5 Lesson$90$120$150
10 Lesson$180$240$300
*Book now, you can get a 3% discount for a package of 5 lessons, a 5% discount for a package of 10 lessons.
*Studying material will be provided: HSK3&4 Standard Course + MP3


*Please note: I DON’T provide packages of 15 or 20 lessons.


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About the payment: Bank transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, Alipay, or Wechat. I accept USD, EUR and RMB, need to pay in advance. To book a trial lesson / formal lesson please by filling out the contact form below.

谢谢!(xièxie) – Thank you!- Merci! ^^